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Susan Crotty

In Loving Memory

Crotty, Susan

November 23, 1977 - March 16, 2024

Susan Crotty was born in Hickory, North Carolina to Anne and Ed Crotty and was soon joined by her sisters Marian and Elizabeth. She spent first through third grades in Ohio where she delighted her teachers and classmates with her curiosity and enthusiasm. Her younger sister Marian followed her around so incessantly that their mother told Marian she had to choose between tagging along for lunch or recess, but if Marian seemed lonely or bored on the playground, Susan always made an exception.

In Leechburg, Pennsylvania, Susan wrote for her award-winning high school newspaper, sang in chorus, qualified for the state championship in cross country even though her small school didn’t have a team, and graduated as valedictorian. She was recruited to run on Haverford College’s cross country team but didn’t pass her physical exam due to complications from anorexia and so began college at a community college and transferred to UNC-Chapel Hill as a sophomore. She majored in sociology and discovered, in part through a summer research project at a prison, that she loved doing research so much that instead of going to law school as she’d initially planned, she wanted to pursue a PhD. First though, in January 2000, she won third place in the women’s division in the Charlotte Marathon.

After she graduated with a PhD in Management and Organizations from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management, she taught for a year at Purdue and then took her interest in cross-cultural communication to the United Arab Emirates where she worked as a professor of business at the Dubai School of Government and Zayed University, met people from all over the world, published research on cross cultural negotiation, creativity, leadership, and teamwork, won a research award, wrote op-eds for local newspapers, and joined a cycling team. Sometimes on long rides she’d catch a photo of a camel.

Susan loved Green Day, Drake, her family, her dog Emma, and swear words. She had a wry sense of humor and a compassionate heart. She was perceptive, clever, and honest. She loved children and worked for several years in college as a beloved nanny. She was especially close to her maternal grandparents, Carolyn and John Lafferty, who she visited and called often during her teens and twenties before their death.  Susan had been sober for almost ten years when she died and was a proud and active member of the recovery community.

In the last years of her life, she was often very sick and spent a fair amount of time in doctors’ offices and hospitals. This was, in large part, due to a thirty-three year struggle with anorexia. She hoped that one day she’d be able to work again as a researcher. She is survived by her parents, Ed and Anne Crotty, her sisters, Elizabeth and Marian Crotty, her sisters-in-law, Nesha Newton and Melissa Osquist, and her nephew, Everett Osquist. Memorial donations may be sent to Project Heal, a nonprofit organization dedicated to removing financial barriers to eating disorder treatment.

SERVICES:  Memorial service will be held at Gethsemane Lutheran Church (3600 Hampton Ave. St. Louis, Missouri 63109) on Friday, March 22, 11:00 a.m.


18 thoughts on “Crotty, Susan”

  1. I got to know Susan thru I m All in – our regular zoom meeting. In reading about her, it does indeed match up with what I knew of her from seeing and listening to her 1 hour almost every day. Her kindness, humor, and honesty will be missed. But I am one of so many that are better off because we got to know her.

  2. I was a friend of Susan’s from our AA group, I’m All In. We talked regularly at the meetings and It was easy to see how smart she was. Initially, we chatted about St. Louis–my son graduated from Wash U 4 years ago. Susan told us about her job search, and I really felt for her. So smart. She talked about her interviews and we got to see her hair and makeup done! About two weeks ago, I gave her the name of an organization that sourced women who hadn’t worked in awhile and wanted to get back in the work force. I’m a consultant and we recently looked at candidates from there. I do service at the meetings and always tried to help Susan feel better about herself. We often talked at the meetings and the last day Susan was at our meeting she asked me for my phone number. Of course, I gave it to her, and she gave me hers. I was so so sorry to hear about her. Susan had a lot of friends at our meeting and we will all miss her.

  3. Susan taught me a great deal and helped show me the way through the 12-steps of recovery. Thank you, Susan. You left a beautiful legacy here in STLAA.

  4. Sorry for the loss of your daughter. May God surround you with peace and comfort during these days. Miss you in North Carolina.

  5. I did not have the pleasure of meeting Susan, but as an anorexia survivor, I wanted to offer my deepest condolences to your family. It is such an awful disease, and I wish peace and healing to your family at this time.

  6. My words seem so useless at a time like this, but I want to let you know how much I care and how much I hurt with you and your family. I remember Susan as a very kind and gentle soul, and after reading her obituary, I realize she was also a very special young lady. Please accept my deepest sympathy.

  7. Ed and Anne….My heart is broken for you both. The pain you share will vanish when we see Susan again. Know that you are in our prayers and we confidently look forward to that day when we are reunited with Susan again. Our love and support are with you.

  8. To Marian and the Crotty clan: I’m so deeply sorry for your loss. I didn’t know Susan, but she was obviously a wonderful person. I wish you peace and comfort. You’re in my prayers.

  9. Pastor Crotty and Anne, I am so sorry to hear about Susan. My heart breaks for you both. You and your family will be in our prayers.

  10. Dear Marian and Elizabeth

    Since that afternoon last Sunday, when, after sending several unanswered texts I finally saw Susan’s number texting back, for that brief second I thought it was her, I was prepared to tell her “don’t do that to me, I am far away, but somehow you are always here with me”., yet deep inside, I also thought that someone else was texting me from her number.

    Elizabeth and Marian told me in tears that Susan was no longer in the world, this world that shelter wars, hatred, ignorance, disappointment. This world that also has flowers and children, and art, and laughter. That she was not suffering anymore.

    Now I feel that there should be an empty square in the place her face always was, in our beloved zoom meeting. I want you to know that until the last day she attended that meeting, she wrote down her name and number encouraging the sick and suffering to contact her, telling them she was there at any time. That empty square will forever be empty in our souls, in my mind and heart.

    While I grieve with you that Susan left us, I also want to reassure you, and me, that wherever she is, she is also saying to us “I am far away, but somehow you are always here with me”



  11. Ann and Ed–We were saddened to learn of Susan’s passing. You were great neighbors in Trellis Pointe, and it was nice to see Susan walking each morning. It was a lovely obituary, and it reflects the love of her family and friends..

  12. What a beautiful tribute to an amazing and brilliant young woman! Wow she accomplished and traveled so much in her early adult life — quite impressive. Anorexia is just an aweful, aweful disease —thanks for your honesty and bringing awareness! My heart goes out to Ted, Susan, Marion and Elizabeth. Sending my deepest sympathies.

  13. May God grant peace and comfort to all who love her.
    With our most sincere sympathy,
    Victoria Buie-Owens &
    Leon N. Oens

  14. Hi Ed, Anne, Marian & Elizabeth,
    I’m so, so sorry to hear about Susan.
    How very sad.
    What a wonderfully written obituary.
    She was very talented and accomplished.
    My thoughts & prayers are with you.
    Liam Crotty (Bob’s son)
    Fort Myers, FL

  15. So sorry to learn about Susan. My parents were your neighbors at Trellis Point. In 2022 they sold their condo and now live at The Laurels Assisted Living in Charlotte. They are doing ok, considering. I will continue to keep your family in my prayers.


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