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In Loving Memory

Larson, Joe

January 14, 1960 - August 10, 2023

Joe Larson, a cherished resident of Soulard, MO, born on January 14, 1960, was ushered into heaven on August 10, 2023, amidst the tranquil beauty of one of his most treasured vacation spots, the Lake of the Ozarks. Known for living life on his terms, Joe’s journey came to a peaceful close on a splendid day by the lake.

Joe’s zest for life was magnified in the company of his beloved partner of 19 years, Karen Gower. Together, they wove a fabric of treasured memories, deep-rooted friendships, and unbreakable bonds. Soulard, with its lively streets and vibrant ambiance, bore witness to their love story. The couple’s favorite haunts, Cat’s Meow, POOH’s Corner, Butch’s Bar & Grill, and Red’s 8th Inning, will undoubtedly feel the void left by Joe’s absence. Joe also had a penchant for a good debate, frequently advocating with unmatched vigor for a Tucker’s steak for dinner.

Beyond his social flair, Joe’s essence lay in his innate ability to find joy in the smallest of moments, lend a supportive hand, and radiate the energy of a big-kid at heart. Joe treasured his roles as brother to his sister Connie Politte (nee Larson) and brother-in-law to her husband Mark Politte. The special bond he had with his niece Sara Harget (nee Politte) and nephew Andrew Politte and their respective spouses (RJ Harget and Kellie Politte (nee Kraus)) showcased his nurturing side. Joe took delight and great pride in his great-nieces and nephews, Kyler, Claire, and Carter Harget, and Kaleb and Khloe Politte. He lovingly earned the title of ‘Grandpa Joe’ from Connor, Dylan, Sophia, Landry, and Ella Gower, sharing a bond of mutual affection and joy with each of them. He was preceded in death by his father, Lloyd Lars Larson; his mother,Dolores Larson (nee Winslow); and his sister, Kathy Gorum (nee Larson).

The shimmering waters of Lake of the Ozarks often felt Joe’s skilled maneuvering of pontoon boats. His prowess with the grill, especially with steaks, was legendary among friends and family. Joe had a particular fondness for sipping on Busch, always making it clear that Busch Lites were not for him. He was deeply engrossed in cheering for his favorite teams – the St. Louis Cardinals and St. Louis Blues. And while the St. Louis Rams were still in town, they too enjoyed his unwavering support. Like many true fans, Joe’s disdain for Stan Kroenke remained unabated. Joe’s faith in the Blues was rewarded with their triumphant win in the 2019 Stanley Cup, a memory he held close to his heart.

A fervent NASCAR enthusiast, Joe’s excitement for the sport was evident in his often-quoted line: “three wide is a dangerous ride.” 2023 marked a significant milestone when Joe fulfilled a long-standing dream, attending the Daytona 500. This wasn’t just a race day for him; it was a memorable 4-day boys trip to Daytona where he savored seafood by the beach, embarked on a deep-sea fishing adventure, and loved fantastic seats for four thrilling races. Joe joyfully ticked the Daytona 500 off his bucket list.

To pay tribute to the life Joe led, a visitation will be held at the Affton Kutis Funeral Home on Friday, August 18, from 4 pm to 7 pm, followed by a funeral ceremony from 7 pm to 7:30 pm. Those who knew him are invited to come and share their stories, laughs, and memories of a man who truly lived life to the fullest. Further details about a “Celebration of Life” event will be shared soon.

May Joe’s spirit continue to inspire us all, reminding us of the beauty in the everyday and the importance of cherishing each moment. Rest in peace, Joe. You will be deeply missed.


8 thoughts on “Larson, Joe”

  1. I am deeply saddened by the loss of Joe. Joe was a cousin and friend. Joe was always there for everyone. Did what he knew best a gift of knowledge. When we grew up together it was always Joe, Johnny and Kim. The three cousins who have a place in my heart. We done things in life that God had to be watching over us because we made it through those years. I just learned over the years with Joe you could go anything with him except let him drive. He never knew what a break was. I remember a time he took me to work and I worked downtown and I was so ever grateful for that but I never been to downtown from Jefferson county so fast. I tried using my brake but it did not work. Joe said what time you get off I pick up you and I said thanks but I have a ride home. I was so glad when we made it to my work. We shared so many things in life from playing tag football which was really tackle and his sister Kathy would say get up don’t be a baby and you would get up. Life was full of adventure with Joe even to this day. Joe lived life like Joe and that is what made he complete. I will miss you love you forever. There is a place in my heart for you always. Rest In Paradise Joe. Your home with family and loved ones.

  2. Soooo many memories from high school and beyond. Joe was always the life of the party then and it sounds like he still was. I can still hear his voice, wit and laugh. Such a unique dude. Sail On, Lloyd. Sail On.

  3. Joe we will miss you yelling at the TV while watching either the Cardinals Blues or NASCAR and discussing politics, sports and some of our great memories with our families while you enjoyed your Bucsh beer. Know that you will be missed by many, I don’t think you ever really met a stranger and we care in a conversation with almost anyone. And don’t let anyone be a bully cuz you really didn’t like that it would take up for anyone whether you knew him or not.

  4. Sorry to hear of Joe’s passing. We had years of great gatherings in High School and beyond. Ohhh the parties, concerts, camping. Whatever the day, night weekend would bring. So many memories. Joe was a good friend. We were roommates for about a year at my house in Barnhart. We had quite a trip to Vegas and he was a groomsman when I got married. As Lisa mentioned above, Joe did not know what a brake was while driving! That is how he lived his life. Take care buddy.

  5. Joe was a great city inspector. I took a blueprint class with him. He was a lot of fun to talk too. He will be missed in the office at city hall. Sorry for your loss. Mario Indelicato.

  6. I met Joe back in the 80’s as a work associate, we became fast friends,so much fun from the parties at his home in barnhart , to all the float trips and camp outs, the house boat weekends down at the lake. He was a true friend in every sense of the word. Rest in peace my friend……

  7. I met Joe back in the 80’s as a work associate, we became fast friends,so much fun from the parties at his home in barnhart , to all the float trips and camp outs, the house boat weekends down at the lake. He was a true friend in every sense of the word. Rest in peace my friend……


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